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WHS Classes of Fabulous Fifties
Classmates who attended Welch High School 1955-1960 convened at Pipestem State Park October 11-14, 2007. 
Below and on the following pages are some photos taken at this reunion.

Class of 1955

Class of 1956

Class of 1957

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  Copies available from:
John Spencer Photography
2853 Envoy Drive
Roanoke, VA  24019

Thanks to Wanda Bignotti Simons, WHS '60, for sharing her copies of the pictures John Spencer took at this reunion.
Please note that the pictures reflected on these web pages are edited versions of those taken by John.
I'll add names below each picture when somebody sends them to me.

I've not yet seen all the "snapshots" John took.  Perhaps one of you who attended the reunion will upload them to a photo share
internet site
(our On the Hill site HERE,  or Picasa, Yahoo, Picture Trail, Kodak Gallery, etc.) for all of us to see.

Donnie Skuja -

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