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August 19-20, 2005

"With Love From Me to You"

It were the wee hours of the night before many of us found a bed to sleep in after partying at the Sterling on Friday.  After a few hours of zzzzs,
we arrived at the Holiday Inn all bright eyed and bushy tailed (SURE!)  in Bluefield around 1PM for registration.  Hoots of delight at seeing an old classmate after all these years could be heard up and down the hallways of the motel all during the afternoon.  John Spencer started taking class pictures around 4PM.

  Yours truly, Donnie Collins Skuja welcomed all the alumni and their guests and introduced Bob Hull who lead us in prayer before dinner was served.

Dee Santo Qualls, class of '61,  lead us in a tribute to the men and women in our amed services.  She is pictured above with her son, who has been deplohyed from Columbia, SC to Charleston ironic.  He managed to meet us at a service station on our trip up from Florida.  He was going home for the w/end.
Dee is one proud Momma, and she should be!  Dee also has a grandson stationed in Iraq.

After dinner, Elinor Turner Bright with members from each class, conducted a service in memory of our deceased classmates.  

Kay Christian Hindsley and Bob Hull, both class of '61, entertained us with a few songs
AND had us all singing along to tunes like the West Virginia Hills and our very own high school pep song.
You'd never have known that Kay and Bobby had not performed together since the early 60s. 
They were GREAT!   Thank you both so much for your contribution to the festivities.

More photos from this reunion are posted at Shutterfly