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August 19-20, 2005

 "What'd I Say"
(you really shoulda been there)

Janet Smithberger Monti and Rosemary Quattrochi Bary
Who are the people sitting behind them?

  Bill Meade and Jimmy Dalton

Larry and Karen Mills Lester, Norma Jacovitch McKinney, Sandy Parsons Bailey, and Paul McKinney

Angela (Davidson) and David Cooley, and Ralph Myers (husband of Judy Underwood Myers). Nice picture in the background!

  Former cheerleaders and majorettes preparing  for our pep rally

And here's our mighty Maroon Wave team still  fit and ready to go up against any other high school team in the county!

To formally thank the Sterling Drive In, for helping make our trip down memory lane so special, write the manager, Charlie Reed, at  P.O. Box 1001, Welch, WV  24801.  Or, stop by the Sterling and personally let them know what a great time you had.   

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