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August 19-20, 2005

"Fun, Fun, Fun"

This picture is a great reflection of all the fun that was had at the Sterling on Friday night.

  Priscilla Phillips Dean and Mildred Cozzuli Sajovic
with Mildred's husband, Bob, in the background

A lovely sister act (I do like this picture!)
Rhonda Lane Goad and Carolyn Lane
(Bobby Hull and his wife Loretta are in the background)

  Larry Lester (GHS)  Russ Rice, Allen White and Betty Chaos Rice

What a terrific picture!  Rosemary Quattrochi Bary, Linda Jones Brown (wearing a mighty cool tshirt), Marilyn Tilley,
and Sondra Blasher Stamper (GHS Grad and wife of Frankie Stamper).

Pretty women standing around everywhere:  Sheila Bowling Sweet, Sandy Elkins Handley, and Libby Rakes

To formally thank the Sterling Drive In, for helping make our trip down memory lane so special, write the manager, Charlie Reed, at  P.O. Box 1001, Welch, WV  24801.  Or, stop by the Sterling and personally let them know what a great time you had.   

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